Macie’s Place Splash Pad

Macie's Place Splash Pad is now open!
Open to the public Memorial Day through Labor Day from 10:00am-7:00pm daily. It will be closed to the public from 12:30-2:30 Monday-Thursday for our Youth, Summer Day Camp from June 24th through August 16th. 
**For your safety, no running, rough-housing or jumping in the splash pad area. Water Shoes are highly recommended as the splash pad surface may become slippery when wet.** 


For longtime Somers residents Wendy and Bill McCloskey, giving back to the community that has given them so much seems only natural. In December 2007, the couple lost their daughter Macie Grace to Trisomy13 when she was only six days old. Both Wendy and Bill recall feeling an overwhelming sense of community togetherness during this period, and this has had a lasting impact on the family.

“Little by little, we just wanted to do something for the town because the town was just amazing when we went through this,” Wendy said.  Over a year ago, the McCloskey’s approached the Somers Recreation Department with a vision to bring a splash pad to Somers.
A splash pad—also known as a spray park, aquatic play pad, or water playground—is a zero depth aquatic play area with various features that spray, flow, mist and jet water on active participants. According to Commercial Recreation Specialists, splash pads “combine sensations of different water movements,” while providing  a fun water experience that “stimulates and challenges children of all ages and abilities.”

(Computer generated image of Macie's Place Splash Pad)


You can be a part of this vision while providing your children, grandchildren, and neighbors with a creative and interactive park for generations to come.

If you’re able, we would be so grateful for any contribution. 


Here are all the ways you can make a donation to help fund this project:

(I) Brick Sponsorship

Brick Options

Donation Amount

4”x8” Brick: up to 3 lines of text

20 characters per line

$100 per brick

8”x8” Brick: up to 6 lines of text

20 characters per line

$200 per brick



(II) Tiered Sponsorships

Sponsorship Options


Silver Level: $250.00

Newcity Builders LLC

The Carenzo Family
The Cass Family 
The Connecticut Water Company
Frieda B. at The Story Barn 
Don and Rosemary Gibbs 
Ron and Sandy Hanson
The Karowski Family
David Marti Family 
The Nowakowski Family
R.A.S. Renovations 
The Reissig Family
Rotary Club of Somers 
John and Lisa Shelanskas 
Bob and Sue Smith 
Solstice Healthcare, LLC
Somers Cultural Commission 
Somers Oil Service, Inc. 
Somers Republican Town Committee
Ruthie and Scott Sutter 
The Westbrook Family 

Gold Level: $500.00

Cindy, Mike, Lauren, Alison & Stephen Astone

The Black Family 
Angela & Gary Czarnecki 
The Blake Center for Faith & Freedom
Knights of Columbus
Bud and Nancy Knorr 
The Lipton Family 
Tim and Lisa Potrikus 
Westfield Bank
In loving memory of Macie Grace
Donald & Elaine Demers
Pepere & Memere 

Platinum Level: $1,000.00

Gabe, Avery & Sammy D'Amour 

Neil and Linda Gilley 
The Grandpre Family 
Grower Direct Farm, Inc.
Kimberlee Kelley 
Marge and Daniel Madden 
Jimmy and Denise McLaughlin 
Somers Firefighter's Union, IAFF Local 4284
Stateline Senior Services 
In Memory of Connor Jaye Swan 
T-Square Builders, LLC
Webster Bank 

Note: Tiered Sponsors will have their names engraved on an entryway sign to Macie’s Place.



(III) Sponsor-a-Feature









**Sponsor Needed**

Aqualien Flower

$3,250.00 each 




Sponsored by Grower Direct Farms




In loving memory of Macie's cousins...

Jarrod, Brett & Anthony 

Foaming Geyser

$2,000.00 each 


Sponsored by The Riley Family 

Sponsored by Cari and Ray Leach 

Palm Tree




**Sponsor Needed** 

Spray Loop




Sponsored by the Somers Lions Club 

Team Spray




**Sponsor Needed** 

Water Jelly





Sponsored by The Cudnik Family

Play Safe Drain




**Sponsor Needed** 

Water Distribution System





**Sponsor Needed**

Note: Individuals and businesses that Sponsor-a-Feature will have their names engraved on an entryway sign to Macie's Place.


Designs for Macie's Place Splash Pad feature a pad shaped like a butterfly, signifying Macie and celebrating her life and the spirit of levity and play.

Butterflies are commonly seen as a symbol of life, change, happiness and joy.

Somers is a special town- there is a sense of community and connection. When you step out, you run into neighbors, classmates, teammates, and friends. We’re together. The McCloskeys, along with town staff, believe that the Macie’s Place splash pad project is yet another way to bring us “together today.”